• To show a positive and enjoyable attitude in a new environment.
  • Experience with your own body the new sensations of balance, floating and propulsion.

Music and dance



  • Become familiar with the different families of instruments by playing with small percussion instruments.
  • Play simple rhythm schemes.
  • Learn simple songs, work on intonation.
  • Through dance, strengthen their sense of laterality.
  • Know the body scheme.
  • Adopt good posture habits. Coordinate rhythm and movement.



We follow the method Play & Learn



  • Become familiar with the language.
  • Acquire good pronunciation.
  • Internalise vocabulary according to their age.
  • Learn songs.
  • Understand simple phrases and use the most common linguistic conventions.

Parties and celebrations

We believe that traditions are important to children and we should pass on our customs to them for them to enjoy. They are a great way to make some days particularly special, and it helps us to work on other areas using them as the main theme, always with a strong element of fun and play.

We organise the following parties:

  • La Castañada: We learn to make the traditional ‘panellets’ and the ‘castañera’ visits us to dance and enjoy a snack together!
  • Christmas: The ‘Tió’, the tree, the crib, the letter from the Three Kings … it’s a busy time!
  • Carnival: King Carnestoltes sends us the slogans for the entire week. Everyone gets their costumes ready!
  • Father’s Day: We prepare a gift for someone special in the house … we hope you like it!
  • Sant Jordi: Dragons, princesses and knights prepare to become a legend. And, in the meantime,there are roses and books for everyone!
  • Mother’s Day: There are never enough gifts for the people who love us the most … but we’ll do our
    best to make another really cool gift!
  • End-of-year party: A day to enjoy with the family …Music, dance, and lots of fun!!!
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