Educational project

Proyecto educativo



At Blau, the main methodology and source of activity is through play. We are an active and participatory school that achieves the right balance between different working methods. We try to incorporate an element of play into every activity we carry out, avoiding a division between play and work.


Children become the protagonists of their own learning through play, always with a focus on their interests and needs.




Our main objective is the children’s happiness, to contribute to their personal and social development, offering them personalised, quality assistance and teaching focused on the needs, interests, and abilities of each child.


During the child's stay at our school, they will:

  • Learn about their own body, its possibilities and limitations. It is also importantto acquire progressive autonomy in everyday activities (toilet training, independence in eating, dressing, personal grooming, etc.).
  • Learn to observe and explore their physical, family, and social environment; recognise other people, objects, animals, etc.
  • Learn to use different forms of expression and communication when relatingwith others. They will learn how to express their feelings, desires, and experiences both verbally and gesturally, through music andart (finger painting, symbolic play, heuristicplay, etc.).
  • Take on their first responsibilities, as well as learn about the existence of social norms andput them intopractice.
  • Develop the necessary skills to be able to function independently and autonomously in other settings within the community (at school, for example).
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